Whoopi Goldberg just spoke out in an interview to bash President Donald Trump, but it didn’t end well for her.

CNN reported that Whoopi told David Axelrod that she refuses to say President Trump’s name out loud, despite acknowledging that he’s “the man in charge.” She said that she “can’t” use Trump’s name in conjunction with the word “President,” and that though she knows that “people don’t like that I don’t do it, I’m fine with that.”

“There’s lots of stuff I do that people don’t like, you know, I can live with that,” she added.

Whoopi said that she worked with Trump in the 1994 movie “Little Rascals,” and she described their relationship as “cordial.” However, she added that she had been “deeply” bothered over the years by Trump’s outspoken comments, especially “the nonsense about whether Barack Obama was an American citizen.”

“I know he went to school and I know he knows that Hawaii was part of the United States. And I know that the real bottom line of that conversation was how can he be our president, and it’s like listen, man.  He won,” she said.

When asked about Trump’s assertion that he is the “least racist person you know,” Whoopi retorted that “in his mind, he probably is,” adding that she believed the President has an inherent belief that there are inferior people to him.

“You know, you keep — you keep saying you’re not racist and then you do racist stuff.  And then you hear racist things and you don’t say ‘Hey, that’s not how we talk here.’  So for me, he has a lot of issues.  But I — I always said he had issues,” she said.

When asked if she has a message to Trump, Whoopi said she had “no message for him,” but she did have something to “for the people around him.”

“Change is coming, and it’s not coming because it’s even ideological, it’s coming because you’re endangering, you’re allowing things that endanger our children, our country, our air,” she said. “I just want people in (power) who remember what the promise of America is. Not was, but is.”

Twitter users, however, immediately let Whoopi know how ignorant she is:

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