Liberal commentator Cathy Areu went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Friday night to call on the U.S. to impose “sexism laws” similar to “profanity laws” currently recognized under federal and state law, but the host wasn’t having any of it.

The Daily Caller reported that Carlson immediately began debating Areu on “creating a whole new class of crime obviously appealing the First Amendment.”

“We’d need to hire a whole new law enforcement to enforce the laws, kind of like how the Saudis do,” Carlson noted. “What would that be like? Where would there be speech police in public places? Could they come into your home? How would do you this?”

“This country already has it,” Areu responded. “There are profanity laws. This country had laws about 100 years old going… According to municipalities and to different states you can’t say bad words in public within officer or children’s earshot. We already have those kind of laws in this country. So why not put those profanity laws with sexism laws and move on from words that offend, to actions and concepts that offend and that are violent.”

What a nut job!

Twitter users, however, made it clear that they weren’t having any of Areu’s nonsense:

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