BREAKING: Donald Trump just scored a major victory that the mainstream media is refusing to report on.

The mainstream media is desperate to make it look like Donald Trump is a failure as a president. That’s why they aren’t reporting on the fact that he added 313,000 jobs to the American economy in February and that the unemployment rate held steady at 4.1 percent.

Breitbart reported that this far exceeded the expectations of economists, who predicted 200,000 additions to nonfarm payrolls, with the unemployment rate falling to 4.0 percent.

Breaking down the job additions, construction jobs expanded by 61,000 new positions while retails and business services added 50,000 jobs each. In addition, manufacturing added 31,000 jobs, finance added 28,000, healthcare expanded by 19,000 jobs, and mining grew by 9,000 jobs.

This is the side of the Trump presidency that the mainstream media does not want you to see. Liberal reporters are quick to report Trump’s failures, but they try to hide his successes from the public as much as possible.

This comes after Trump signed executive orders imposing heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum. As he signed the orders, Trump said that the U.S. is suffering from “unfair trade” and that the move would boost US industry.

“The president talked about [trade] during the campaign, and the people voted for him. States that never voted for a Republican came over into his column,” said Curtis Ellis, senior policy adviser at the pro-Trump outside group America First Policies. “It’s not just a theoretical discussion about economic nationalists versus globalists. It’s about what works, and a lot of these globalist policies never delivered as advertised.”

“The president has strong views on trade. He is willing to listen to people and cut deals, but he is not going to do a 180-degree turn on one of his core principles,” said a former campaign official.

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