The Philadelphia Eagles came out on top in Sunday night’s Super Bowl with a  thrilling 41-33 victory over New England. Afterwards, Eagles coach Doug Pederson defied liberals to proudly speak of his faith and thanked Jesus Christ for the opportunity.

“How do you explain this, that nine years ago you’re coaching in high school and here you are with this trophy?” reporter Dan Patrick asked, according to Breitbart.

“I can only give the praise to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity and I’m going to tell you something: I’ve got the best players in the world,” Pederson replied.

This comes after Barack Obama spent eight years completely ignoring Christianity, even though he claimed to be a Christian himself. Many believed that Obama had anti-semetic views as well, which were exposed when Fox News reported that Harvard Law Professor and longtime Democrat Alan Dershowitz just spoke out to say that he would not have campaigned for Obama if he had known about the future president’s photo op with Louis Farrakhan. Dershowitz explained that Farrakhan is a “virulent anti-Semite and anti-American.”

“He has called Judaism a gutter religion. He is a horrible, horrible human being,” he said.

Photographer Askia Muhammad released the photo of Obama and Farrakhan earlier this week. He said that immediately after he took the picture, the Congressional Black Caucus contacted him and demanded to have the photo back.

“I gave the original disk to him and in a sense swore myself to secrecy because I had quietly made a copy for myself,” Muhammad said.

The photographer went on to say that the CBC was concerned a photo with Farrakhan could hurt the young senator’s future presidential aspirations. Muhammad went on to say that Obama had Nation of Islam followers working in his Chicago senate office.

Dershowitz explained that he threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), who once had connections with Farrakhan, was elected chairman instead of Tom Perez.

“We should have nobody in public office associating with a bigot like Farrakhan,” he said.

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