Millions of Americans believe that one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in the twentieth century came when OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown. Now, disgusting new details have leaked about what happened after the crime that have left many feeling even more sickened.

“‘I remember during that time, the family got a call from the cemetery and said, ‘He’s here,'” said Eve Chen, a friend of Nicole’s. “They said, ‘He’s here and we’re scared because he’s screaming at Nicole’s grave. Just screaming at it.'”

Daily Mail reported that during the Fox special OJ: The Lost Confession, Simpson claimed that Nicole had told him she was having an affair with his good friend Marcus Allen. He said that Nicole said this to him when he took her to dinner one night.

“She was alone and looks lonely and I said, ‘Let’s go have a bite to eat,'” explained Simpson. “I was telling her about Marcus Allen’s fiance Kathryn, I was hosting their wedding at my house, and Nicole was crying. It got to the point that I said, ‘It can’t be that sad, right?’ And she said that Marcus was not my friend.”

“‘I didn’t understand what she was saying and then it kind of dawned on me. I said, ‘Did something happen with you and Marcus?’ And she said: ‘Yes.’ And I said: ‘Check! Can I have the check, please?'” Simpson continued.

Simpson claimed that Allen apologized to him and in his book “If I Did It,” he also alleged that he and Nicole ended up having sexual relations on the night she told him about the affair.

In the award-winning documentary “OJ: Made In America,” NFL agent Mike Gilbert said that after Nicole ended a brief reconciliation between herself and Simpson, her ex-husband told her, “You ever see Marcus again and I will kill you.”

It’s sickening that Simpson is not rotting in prison at this very moment for murdering Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman. SHARE this story if you think OJ Simpson should be LOCKED UP!