Michelle Obama never seems to miss an opportunity to get herself in the spotlight, and her latest scheme to do so involves a third grade girl.

Mad World News reported that third grader Alexandra Dow recently decided to dress up as Michelle, and the former First Lady quickly decided to weigh in on the situation. However, many immediately noticed that there was something “off” about the entire situation.

It all started when Alexandra’s mom tweeted out a photo of her daughter dressed up as Michelle.

“Alexandra Dow, a third grader from Diamond Bar, California, knew exactly who she wanted to be when her teacher asked the class to dress up as someone they believed has made a positive difference in the world.” reported the Huffington Post.

“[The teacher] said as soon as she gave the overview of the project, Alexandra’s hand shot up, and she said she wanted to be Michelle Obama,” Alexandra’s mom, Audrey Dow, told HuffPost. “She came home that day, telling us all about the project and bragging that she would be Michelle.”

Michelle just “happened” to see the tweet hours later, and the story was picked up by MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS. However, we think it’s strange that Michelle, who gets thousands of posts tweeted at her a day, just happened to see this one within hours. Clearly, Michelle’s handlers saw an opportunity to get some positive PR for the former first lady and called all their media contacts, who in turn gave it massive coverage.

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