Hollywood actor James Woods went rogue on Friday as he mopped the floor with “The View” host Joy Behar for bashing Christianity.

Last month, Behar found herself in hot water when she mocked Vice President Mike Pence for his Christian faith. After receiving tons of backlash, ABC forced Behar to personally call Pence to apologize to him. When she made the call, Pence urged her to publicly apologize to all Christians, but she refused to do so.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Woods took to Twitter on Friday to call for a full boycott of ABC until Behar either apologizes to Christians or is fired.

“#JoyBehar thinks we are mentally ill. Her manager offered a classic liberal “apology” behind closed doors that none of us received. Will my 1.3 million followers join with me in turning off @ABC until Joy Behar is fired or apologizes to US? #Boycott ABC,” Woods wrote.

“I have never once asked to trend any sentiment before. While I recognize that @Twitter will stymie my efforts in an effort to defend a liberal news outlet, I am nonetheless asking all of my followers to get this hashtag trending: #BoycottABC,” he later added.

“I have instructed my stockbroker to sell all holdings in the Walt Disney Company (DIS) until Joy Behar, the anti-Christian bigot who works for Disney’s subsidiary @ABC, is fired or apologizes to all us who hold our Christian faith dearly. #BoycottABC,” Woods added.

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