Disturbing new reports are coming in that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is stonewalling the release of surveillance video that could finally reveal what law enforcement did or failed to do in response to the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Breitbart reported that the press has been trying to obtain surveillance video of what happened “outside the school” during the shooting, only to be told that Israel would not release the only copy.

“Sheriff Israel doesn’t want to release the video, which is curious, given that he’s already given a detailed description of its substance,” the Sun Sentinel reported. At a televised press conference eight days after the shooting, he said he felt “the public needed to know” that the video showed [deputy Scot] Peterson did “nothing” except get on his radio while shots were being fired. The sheriff said Peterson “never went in” as he should have.”

“But four days later, Peterson, through his lawyer, said the criticism was unwarranted and that the video (along with eyewitness testimony) will exonerate him,” the paper added. “We tried to get the video — and please note, we only seek the video taken outside the school — from Broward school district officials, but they apparently gave their only copy to  [the Broward County Sheriff’s Office].”

The paper went on to say that Israel’s argument for not releasing the video does not make sense.

“The sheriff argues that the video shouldn’t be released because it’s part of an active investigation,” the paper reported. “But the school district isn’t a law enforcement agency and so can’t claim ‘active criminal investigation.’ Plus, there’s an exemption if the information has already been disclosed, as it has. Plus, the video doesn’t show the shootings, but law enforcement’s response. Plus, [Nikolas Cruz] has already confessed.”

Frankly, Israel has proven himself to be an incompetent sheriff from the very beginning of this whole thing. SHARE this story if you think he should hand overt the video and RESIGN!