Texas Senator Ted Cruz humiliated smug CNN host Chris Cuomo on his own show this week after he demanded to know if the host has bothered to ask a Democrat why they filibustered legislation that would prevent criminals from purchasing firearms.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Cruz left Cuomo totally stunned during the Wednesday morning interview when he pointed out that the 2013 bill would have likely prevented the Parkland school shooting.

“Let me ask one quick question. Grassley-Cruz got 52 Senators supporting it. Nine Democrats. The most bipartisan support of any comprehensive bill. But Harry Reid and the Democrats filibustered Grassley-Cruz even though it targeted criminals and could have perhaps prevented these attacks,” Cruz said to Cuomo. “Have you ever asked a Democrat why did you filibuster Grassley-Cruz, which targeted violent criminals and sought to put felons who illegally try to buy firearms in jail?”

This bill was reintroduced on Tuesday by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Cruz (R-TX).

“Time and again we’ve seen the disastrous results of failures to fully employ the national background checks system. A number of recent mass shootings could have been prevented by proper execution of the existing system. Senator Cruz and I are now taking steps to bolster that system and improve its ability to prevent future violence.” Grassley said in a statement about the bill. “When we introduced this legislation in 2013, after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, it received a bipartisan majority vote in the Senate. I’m optimistic in rejoining Senator Cruz in this effort and look forward to the bill’s consideration.”

Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv also spoke out in support of the bill.

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