Joy Behar was humiliated on Thursday night when her “The View” cohost Meghan McCain bashed her during an appearance on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.”

Too Fab reported that McCain explained that she was stunned by how insanely liberal Behar was when she first joined “The View.”

“I worked at Fox for years and when you’re in the Fox echo chamber and you’re surrounded by conservatives, you’re in a warm bubble and everyone feels this way,” she explained. “It’s not that I didn’t know people were liberal, but I didn’t know people were quite as liberal as Joy Behar and every morning it’s like, ‘Why are all Republicans racist Nazis?’ and I’m like, ‘I haven’t had my latte yet and maybe we can talk about something else.'”

McCain also discussed what it’s like to be the only conservative on “The View” panel.

“The show’s been on 21 years. I’ve been on so many shows that people never watched and couldn’t figure out what channel it was on, and everyone knows what ‘The View’ is,” she told Colbert. “Being the one conservative on ‘The View’ has this weird lure to it and people have very intense reactions to it.”

“People are like, ‘I love you on The View’ or, ‘I absolutely hate you and you’re ruining my show,'” she added, explaining that she lets it all roll off her back. “I’m really tough and I’m not a daisy and I’m not a snowflake and I can handle it.”

Twitter users made it clear that they agree that Behar has lost her mind and should be fired:

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